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Emmett Short

Creative Marketing Director
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Emmett Short is a content creation wizard. An accomplished director, writer, actor, comedian and brand growth expert. He's created ad campaigns for some of the biggest Facebook and Instagram advertisers. He’s helped disruptive brands like Hello Fresh, Love Pop cards, Dollar Shave Club, Freshly and more. Emmett is also known for his YouTube success garnering hundred of millions of views for himself and his clients. Beginning in the San Francisco comedy scene, Emmett’s comedy writing and performance earned him an invitation to the prestigious Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal as one of the New Faces Of Comedy in 2006. After moving to Hollywood, booking a few national commercials and a guest star on NBC’s Community, Emmett jumped behind the camera to expand his skills as a director and editor. Early viral success came on Vine with many of his videos being stolen by Puff Daddy, and earning him over 100k subscribers before the platform was ignominiously shut down. RIP Vine! Emmett directed and edited the mega-viral series “Reality Of” (200mm+ views) for the YouTube channel BabyLeague as well as “Jennings Journey,” a reality series featuring NFL star wide receiver Greg Jennings. In 2017 Emmett joined Tubescience, a fledgling startup ad agency as its 14th hire. Tubescience’s Director Of Content said of Emmett, “Jack of all trades’ doesn’t quite do Emmett justice because it implies “master of none,” but Emmett Short is a unique exception since he can do it all with a level of mastery that we rarely see in this industry. Emmett has expertise in every part of the production process, from strategic writing, to filming, lighting, editing, GFX... He even puts most actors to shame with his on-camera talent.” “He was one of the individuals that I believe was instrumental to helping the company grow from 14 people to nearly 150 in about a year because of the creative videos he was able to deliver for our clients.” “The positive energy he brings to the team is contagious, and his leadership skills inspire those around him to want to learn and grow and be the best that they can be.” Emmett later built an in house marketing team for the lotto app Lucky Day that propelled it to the #1 spot on both app stores in the Lifestyle category in under 6 months. Emmett continues to work with major brands like 8 Sleep, Insta360, ABC Mouse and Skillshare.

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