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I create YouTube videos to get people stoked on futurism. 

I share my filmmaking know-how to help fellow creators take their content to the next level.

I stand up on stage and make people laugh.


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of technological

change is

about to hit us... 

The "Knee of the curve" is the

point of most extreme change.

We're in it! Headed towards a "Technological Singularity" which is the point in time when technology advances so fast the human mind can't keep pace, or what your parents call... 2010.

and everyone

is looking the

wrong way.

tsunami of technological change

is about to hit us... 

I created KNEE OF THE CURVE to satirically cover innovation and technology breakthroughs. 

So far the reaction on Youtube has been incredible and the amount of Patron's donating their hard earned $$$ is a clear sign this is something the world is ready for. 

Thanks for your support!

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